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Introduction to Computer


Computer is an electronic machine which automatically performs the logical operations for the given input data and provides the output.


1. Desktop Computer
2. Laptop
3. Palmtop Computer
4. Server

A computer system is made up of five fundamental units. Keyboard, mouse, joystick are input devices and printer, monitor, plotter, Touch screen, Speaker are output devices. The CPU consists of motherboard, Random access memory (RAM), Switch mode power supply (SMPS), Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) and CD Writer.

Printer Types:

1. Dot matrix printer – used in continuous paper printing
2. Inkjet Printer
3. Laser printer
4. Thermal Printer

Scanner Types:

1. Document Scanner
2. Barcode Scanner
3. MICR Scanner
4. Fingerprint Scanner

Monitor types:

1. CRT monitor
2. LCD Monitor
3. Plasma Monitor
4. LED Monitor


1. Accuracy
2. Fast
3. Low cost
4. High memory capacity
5. Easy automation
6. Reduce work time
7. Repetivity
8. Portability
9. Versatility
10. Complex problems can be easily solved


SHS Events

  1. Participated in AIMS, NASCOMM, MADITSIA exhibitions on 2006 at pandiyan hotel and thamukkam grounds in madurai
  2. provide computer hardware trainings and TNPSC coaching on 2009
  3. provide free tnpsc classes in association with bharath foundation on jan 2011
  4. worked as volunteer in VHM free medical camps on 2010






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