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About Us

Welcome to SHS

Computer sales and service


We are very happy to inform that, we are specialist in networking in the platform windows 2000, 2003 & Redhat linux. We are taking classes for hardware & networking also. We are the dealers for Intel Seagate, Samsung, IBM, Wipro and TVSe companies. We have more than 500 satisfied customers. We are continues the servicing above 10 years. we are taking systems and network
1. System Services
2. Upgradetion
3. Software installed and configured
4. Broadband setup, configured and shared
5. Data back-up solutions
6. Viruses and spy ware eradicated and protected against and
7. Maintenance for systems & printers

We provide a full range of networking solutions and services, including detail network diagrams and analysis, systems integration, high speed networking, fault tolerance (from RAID to redundant services), printing solutions, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, remote access, Internet connectivity, and firewalls. Our …